Klausuren WS2014/2015:

Lectures and Seminars

Infos on 'Lectures and Seminars' can be found in the Online Vorlesungsverzeichnis (LSF) of the TU Dortmund or on the BCI hompages for students.

Practical Courses

Detailed infos on 'Practical Courses' will be announced separately in the lectures and on blackboards.

Studienarbeiten/Diplomarbeiten/Master Thesis Projects and 'Vertiefungspraktika'

Studienarbeiten/Diplomarbeiten and Master Thesis projects as well as Practica are offered. Please contact Mattijs Julsing and check 'Open Projects and Positions'.

Script download

The scripts of lectures are available online under 'Skripte' on the BCI Homepage.

Exam results

Exam results can be checked online under 'Klausurergebnisse' on the BCI-Homepage.

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