M.Sc. Bartłomiej Tomaszewski

M.Sc. Bartłomiej Tomaszewski
M.Sc. Bartłomiej Tomaszewski
Laboratory of Chemical Biotechnology
Technische Universität Dortmund
44227 Dortmund

Tel.: +49-231-755 7381
Fax.: +49-231-755 7382



Bartłomiej Tomaszewski was born in 1985 in Łódź, Poland. He graduated from Technical University of Lodz with M.Sc. in Biotechnology, specialization in Molecular Biotechnology and Technical Biochemistry. In his Master's project supervised by Dr. Jacek Polak, he used Real Time PCR technique for measuring gene expression levels in E. coli. During his undergraduate studies he completed two internships in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, under supervision of Prof. Peter J. Halling. First he investigated enzymes action on solid supports and afterwards used Cross Linked Enzyme Crystals (CLEC's) for catalysis in neat organic solvents. After graduation worked for 6 months as a research assistant at the Department for Ageing and Health in the Medical School of Newcastle University in Prof. John Mathers lab where he joined the project established to validate the effect of nutritional modulation on the DNA repair in the brain.
He has started his postgraduate studies in the group of Technical Enzymology in 2010 to work on the topic: "Stabilization of biocatalysts for application in segmented flow microcapillary reactors".

Peer Reviewed Articles
  • Tomaszewski B., Schmid A. and Bühler K. (2014)
    Biocatalytic production of catechols using a high pressure tube-in-tube segmented flow microreactor.
    Organic Process Research & Development, 18(11):1516–1526, DOI-Link
  • Churakova E.*, Tomaszewski B.*, Bühler K., Schmid A., Arends I. W. C. E and Hollmann F. (2014)
    Hydrophobic formic acid esters for cofactor regeneration in aqueous / organic two-liquid phase systems.
    Topics in Catalysis, 57(5):385-391, DOI-Link
    * These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Langie S. A. S., Kowalczyk P., Tomaszewski B., Vasilaki A., Maas L. M., Moonen E. J., Palagani A., Godschalk R. W. L., Tudek B., van Schooten F. J., Berghe W. V., Zabielski R. and Mathers J. C. (2014)
    Redox and epigenetic regulation of the APE1 gene in the hippocampus of piglets: The effect of early life exposures.
    DNA Repair, 18:52-62, DOI-Link
  • Tomaszewski B., Lloyd R., Warr A., Bühler K. and Schmid A. (2014)
    Regioselective biocatalytic aromatic hydroxylation in a gas-liquid multiphase tube-in-tube reactor.
    ChemCatChem, 6(9):2567–2576, DOI-Link
  • Lisanti S., Omar W. A. W., Tomaszewski B., De Prins S., Jacobs G., Koppen G., Mathers J. C. and Langie S. A. S. (2013)
    Comparison of methods for quantification of global DNA methylation in human cells and tissues.
    PloS one, 8(11), DOI-Link
  • Cianci M., Tomaszewski B., Helliwell J. and Halling P. J. (2010)
    Crystallographic Analysis of COunterion Effects on Subtilisin Enzymatic Action in Acetonitrile.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132(7):2293 - 3000, DOI-Link
  • Deere J., De Oliveira R.F., Tomaszewski B., Millar S., Lalaouni A., Solares L.F., Flitsch S.L. and Halling P. J. (2008)
    Kinetics of Enzyme Attack on Substrate Covalently Attached to Solid Surfaces: Influence of Spacer Chain Length, Immobilized Substrate Surface Concentration and Surface Charge.
    Langmuir, 24(20):11762 - 11769, DOI-Link
  • Tomaszewski B., Schmid A., Hollmann F. and Bühler K. (2012)
    FDH coupled regeneration in low water media.
    GRC Biocatalysis, 8. - 13. July 2012, Smithfield, RI, USA
  • Tomaszewski B., Lutz J., Bühler K. and Schmid A. (2011)
    From an enzyme to a production process - stepwise design of a microreactor system.
    Marie Curie Researchers Symposium, 25. - 27. September 2011, Warsaw, Poland
  • Tomaszewski B., Lutz J., Bühler K. and Schmid A. (2011)
    Stabilization of biocatalysts for application in segmented flow microcapillary reactors.
    Bioverfahrenstechnik an Grenzflächen , 30. May - 1. June 2011, Potsdam, Germany

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